Which Fuel Does Lamborghini Use?


Lamborghini uses a mix of gasoline and ethanol.

Gasoline provides the spark that sets off the combustion reaction while ethanol (made from plant sugars) serves as an octane booster and helps reduce emissions.

Does Lamborghini Use Petrol Or Diesel?

Lamborghini uses petrol.

The company has never used diesel in any of its models. In fact all of the supercars Lamborghini produces run exclusively on high-octane gasoline.

This is one of the reasons they’re known for producing some of the fastest and most powerful cars in the world.

What Fuel Does Lamborghini Use In India?

Lamborghini does not have a specific fuel for India.

However they typically use unleaded gasoline.

Can A Lamborghini Use Normal Petrol?

A Lamborghini can use normal petrol but it’s not recommended.

The high-performance engine is designed to run on premium unleaded gasoline with a higher octane rating than regular unleaded.

Using anything else could result in damage to the engine and decreased performance.