Which Lamborghini Is All-Wheel Drive?


The Lamborghini Huracan is all-wheel drive.

The AWD system called “Integrated Vehicle Dynamics” by Lamborghini provides power to all four wheels through a viscous coupling center differential that sends power to the front and rear axle as needed.

It can adjust the torque split between the front and rear wheels in just 100 milliseconds in response to changes in grip.

What Does An All-Wheel Drive Car Mean?

An all-wheel-drive car has a system that sends power to all four of its wheels.

This is different from a front-wheel-drive car which sends power only to the front two wheels and a rear-wheel-drive car which sends power only to the back two wheels.

All-wheel drive is beneficial in slippery conditions because it provides more traction than a front- or rear-wheel-drive cars.

This is because all four wheels are being powered and therefore have the potential to grip the road and provide traction.

Are All-Wheel Cars Better?

All-wheel drive cars are better in slippery conditions because all four wheels are providing power to the car allowing it to grip the road better.

In a front-wheel-drive car the weight of the engine is pushing down on only two of the four wheels which can make it more difficult for the car to get traction in slippery conditions.

Rear-wheel-drive cars are at a disadvantage in slippery conditions because only two of the four wheels are providing power to the car.

This can cause the back end of the car to slide out if there’s not enough traction.