Where Do They Have Lamborghini Police Cars?


The Dubai Police Force has a fleet of several different Lamborghini models including the Aventador Huracan and Gallardo.

The cars are used for both patrolling and public relations purposes.

In addition to their flashy appearance the Lamborghinis are also fast and have a lot of torque making them ideal for high-speed pursuits.

The Dubai Police Force has been using luxury cars as police vehicles since 2007 when they purchased a fleet of Ferrari FFs.

The Ferraris were later replaced with Lamborghinis in 2013.

Other luxury brands used by the Dubai Police Force include Aston Martin Bentley Rolls-Royce and McLaren.

Why Do The Police Have Lamborghinis In Dubai?

Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates known for its luxurious lifestyle and its excesses.

Police in Dubai have been known to drive around in flashy sports cars and Lamborghinis are among the most popular.

The ostentatious displays of wealth by police in Dubai are not without controversy however.

Some people argue that the police should be using their money to improve infrastructure and services instead of spending it on flashy cars.

Others argue that the display of wealth by the police is necessary to show that there is no impunity for criminals in Dubai.

Are Lamborghinis Better For Catching Criminals For Police?

No Lamborghinis are not better for catching criminals for police. In fact most law enforcement agencies would likely laugh at the suggestion.

While a Lamborghini may be able to reach higher speeds than other cars on the road it is not especially well-suited for high-speed chases or maneuvering through city streets.

Furthermore a Lamborghini is not exactly inconspicuous – it would be difficult to avoid drawing attention to oneself while driving one.

Instead most police departments rely on more utilitarian vehicles like Ford Crown Victorias or Chevy Tahoes for their day-to-day patrols and chases.

These vehicles are designed for durability and performance rather than luxury and they offer officers the ability to do their jobs without drawing too much attention.