Why Do Police In Dubai Drive Lamborghini?


There are a few reasons why police in Dubai might drive Lamborghinis.

Some people suggest that it’s because the high-end sports cars help to create a sense of awe and respect for law enforcement and can thus help to deter criminal behavior.

Others suggest that the cars are simply used as a way to attract attention and generate publicity for the police force.

Whatever the reason it’s clear that the use of luxury sports cars by law enforcement agencies is becoming more common around the world. In London for example many police officers now drive Aston Martins.

And in Beverly Hills California all of the police cruisers are Ferraris.

So it seems that Dubai is just following suit!

Why Does Dubai Use Supercars For Police?

Dubai uses supercars for police because it wants to show the world that it is a wealthy and powerful city.

The use of luxury cars yachts and other displays of wealth are all part of Dubai’s attempt to become one of the most famous and desirable places in the world to live.

And it seems to be working as more and more people are moving there every year.

Do Police Officers In Dubai Get Lambo For FREE?

No they do not get Lamborghinis for free.

Dubai police officers are granted a number of benefits including a car allowance but they do not receive a free luxury car.

Some people may be under the impression that Dubai police officers receive free luxury cars because of the large fleet of supercars that the department has at its disposal.

However most of these cars are available for public use and are not specifically allocated to police officers.

Do Police Drive Lamborghinis?

Not as a matter of policy but some police forces have been known to use seized luxury cars as part of their fleet.

For example the Los Angeles Police Department has a number of Lamborghinis in its fleet.