Why Does Porsche Not Have Remote Start?


There are several reasons Porsche doesn’t offer a remote start system. One reason is that the company believes in preserving the driver experience.

They want you to feel the power and performance of the car when you start it up yourself.

Another reason is security.

A remote start system could be vulnerable to theft as someone could steal your car by activating the system from a distance.

Porsche wants to make sure its cars are as theft-resistant as possible.

Can You Add Remote Start In A Porsche?

Unfortunately adding a remote start to a Porsche is not a trivial task.

It requires extensive knowledge and experience in car wiring and is best done by someone who specializes in Porsche electrical systems.

There are aftermarket companies that provide this service but it’s always best to use a company that has a lot of experience with Porsches.

Most Porsche models do not come with a remote start system from the factory.

However there are many aftermarket remote start systems that are available for installation.

Prices for these systems vary depending on the make and model of Porsche as well as the features that are included.

If you are interested in adding a remote start system to your Porsche it is best to consult with a qualified automotive technician to see which system would be best for your vehicle.

Can You Get Remote Start On A Porsche Macan?

Yes you can get a remote start installed on a Porsche Macan.

It’s a popular upgrade especially in colder climates where starting the car engine and letting it warm up before getting in is a must.

Remote start installation usually includes adding a key fob that will allow you to start the engine from a distance.

Some systems even allow you to activate climate control features so the car can be warmed or cooled before getting in.

Talk to your local Porsche dealer about installing a remote start system on your Macan.

Should I Install A Remote Start On My Porsche?

It depends.

If you live in a climate where it’s frequently below freezing or if you have a habit of leaving your car running for long periods of time then a remote start would be a good idea.

But if you only use your car on nice days and/or live in a mild climate then you don’t really need one.

A remote start can also be helpful for people who have trouble starting their car because it gives them an extra few minutes to warm up the engine before they have to actually drive it.

And lastly a remote start is just really convenient and can make getting in and out of your car much easier during the winter months.

Are There Any Drawbacks To Installing A Remote Start On A Porsche?

There are a few potential drawbacks to installing a remote start on a Porsche.

First the car’s computer may not be programmed to recognize the remote start which could mean that the car will not start or worse that the car’s computer may be damaged.

Second the installation of a remote start can be costly and may require additional wiring.

Finally some people worry that having the car start remotely could leave it vulnerable to theft.

However most modern remote starters include an anti-theft feature that prevents the car from starting if it is being tampered with or if someone is trying to break into it.