Why Are Ferrari Fans Called Tifosi?


It’s a bit of a mystery but the word “tifosi” seems to come from the Latin word “tiffatus” meaning “enraged”.

So it’s possible that the original Ferrari fans were just really passionate about the race cars and got really angry when they didn’t win.

Over time this passion turned into a more generalized love for all things Ferrari and the name “Tifosi” stuck.

Another possibility is that the name comes from an old dialect in Tuscany (a region in Italy) where “tifosi” means “fanatic”.

And as we all know Ferrari fans can be pretty fanatic about their favorite race car company.

So it’s possible that both explanations are correct and the name “Tifosi” actually comes from a combination of the two words.

No matter where the word comes from there’s no doubt that Ferrari fans are some of the most passionate in the world.

And if you’re ever at a race and see the sea of red and yellow cheering on their favorite drivers you’ll know exactly what we mean!

What does Tifosi mean Ferrari?

Tifosi is the term used by Ferrari enthusiasts and it literally means “fans” in Italian.

The word was first coined in the 1930s when Enzo Ferrari started racing cars and had a passionate group of supporters who followed him to all his races.

Over time the term has come to be associated exclusively with Ferrari fans and it’s now considered to be one of the most prestigious badges of honor a Ferrari enthusiast can receive.

Is Tifosi a good word or a bad word for Ferrari owners?

It depends on who you ask.

Ferrari owners generally view themselves as enthusiasts and fans of the brand so they would likely see “Tifosi” as a term of endearment.

However not everyone knows that the word means “fanatical supporter” in Italian and therefore some people might see it as being a bit arrogant or pretentious to call oneself a Tifosi.