What Are The Taxes On A Lamborghini?


In most cases the taxes on a Lamborghini will be based on the value of the car.

For example in the United States there is a federal luxury car tax of 25% on cars that are worth more than $50000.

However states and localities may also charge their own taxes on top of the federal rate.

What Is The Road Tax On A Lamborghini Aventador?

The road tax on a Lamborghini Aventador is £515 per year.

The car’s emissions are rated at 350 g/km of CO2.

Can A Lamborghini Be A Tax Write Off?

You can’t write off a Lamborghini as a business expense but you can depreciate it over time.

The IRS lets you deduct the cost of a car (including luxury cars) as a business expense over a period of five years.

This means that you can write off $3840 per year for depreciation.

So if you buy a $200000 Lamborghini you can write off $38400 over the next five years.