How Many Keys Does A Porsche Come With?


Porsches come with two keys. One is for the ignition and the other is for the door locks.

If you lose your key Porsche can replace it for you but it will be quite expensive.

The cost of replacing a key starts at around $250 and goes up from there depending on the model of Porsche and the type of key you need.

Do All Porsche Have Key?

Yes – all Porsche have keys.

Each car has two keys – a primary and a spare.

The primary key is used to start and drive the car while the spare is mainly for emergencies.

If you lose your key you can get a replacement from any Porsche dealer.

Can I Make A Duplicate Of A Porsche Key?

It is possible to make a duplicate of a Porsche key but it is not a simple process.

You would need to find a locksmith or key duplication service that has the equipment and expertise to do so.

The first step in making a duplicate Porsche key is to take apart the key and copy the pattern onto some blank keys.

This can be done with a special machine called a duplicator.

Once the pattern has been copied the next step is to cut the keys using special tools.

Finally the new keys will need to be programmed to work with your Porsche car.

If you are not comfortable doing any of this yourself it is best to leave it up to professionals who have the experience and equipment necessary for keying a Porsche.

The cost of having a key duplicated can start at around $50 but it will depend on the type of key and the locksmith you use.

What Do I Do If I Lost My Porsche Key?

If you lost your Porsche key you can call a locksmith to make a new one for you.

Alternatively if you have a spare key you can use that to unlock the car.

If you don’t have a spare key and you can’t contact a locksmith you may be able to get into your car by breaking the window.

However this should only be done as a last resort as it will likely damage the car and cost more to repair than it would to simply hire a locksmith.

How Much Does A Porsche Macan Key Cost?

The Porsche Macan key might have a list price of $385. However you can usually find it for less than that if you shop around.

How Do You Open A Porsche Car?

There are several ways to open a Porsche car but the most common is by using the key.

The key has a unique shape that allows it to fit into the car’s lock and release the door.

Other methods of opening a Porsche car include using a remote control or pressing a button on the door handle.

Can I Open My Porsche Without Using A Key?

Yes it is possible to open a Porsche without using a key.

One way to do this is to use a transponder key emulator.

This device will emit a signal that will activate the car’s security system and unlock the door.

Another option is to use an electronic door unlocker.

This device attaches to the keyring and sends a signal to the car’s security system that unlocks the door.