How Do Porsche Ventilated Seats Work?


The ventilation system in Porsche seats works by circulating air through tiny holes in the leather or fabric.

This cools the seats down and also whisks away sweat and moisture.

The system is adjustable so you can choose how much air you want to circulate and it can be turned off altogether if you prefer.

How Does A Ventilated Car Seat Work?

Ventilated car seats work by circulating the air around the seat.

This helps to keep you cool and comfortable while you are driving. It also helps to reduce the risk of skin irritation.

The air is circulated by a fan that is located in the seatback.

The fan pulls in air from the front of the car and pushes it out through vents in the back of the seat.

This helps to keep your back cool and dry.

It also helps to prevent sweat from building up on your skin.

Does The Porsche Taycan Have Ventilated Seats?

Yes the Porsche Taycan does have ventilated seats.

The front seats are cooled by eight air outlets each and the rear seats are cooled by six air outlets each.

The cooling of the seats is an optional extra that can be added on to the car.

Are Ventilated Seats Heated Seats?

Most ventilated seats are not heated seats but there are a few exceptions.

Generally speaking the air that is circulated through the ventilated seats is either cooled or warmed depending on the type of vehicle and climate control system.

However a few specific brands and models do have heated ventilated seats.

For example the Cadillac CTS offers both heated and cooled ventilated seats and the Mercedes-Benz S-Class has optional heated ventilated seats.

Are Ventilated Seats Useful?

Ventilated seats are useful for people who get hot easily or who tend to sweat a lot. The airflow helps to cool them down and makes them more comfortable.

Some people also find that the airflow helps to keep them more alert and awake especially during long drives or commutes.

However there are also people who find the airflow to be too cold or too strong so it’s important to try out ventilated seats before you buy them to see if they work for you.

Are Ventilated Seats Bad In Winters?

There’s a lot of debate on this topic with people taking both sides.

Some people say that ventilated seats are bad in winters because the cold air will make you colder while others say that the airflow helps to circulate heat and keep you warm.

In my opinion it depends on how cold it is outside and how cold your car gets.

If it’s really cold outside and your car gets very cold then having the ventilated seats on may make you even colder.

However if it’s not too cold outside and your car doesn’t get too cold then having the ventilated seats on may help to keep you warm.