How Do Porsche Model Numbers Work?


The Porsche model numbers are assigned in a three-digit sequence.

The first number indicates the engine size the second number is for the type of transmission and the third number is for body style.

For example a 911 has a six-cylinder engine and is rear-wheel drive with a coupe body style.

A Cayenne has an eight-cylinder engine and all-wheel drive with a crossover/SUV body style.

How do porsche name their cars?

The Porsche name is inspired by two things: first the founder Ferdinand Porsche’s nickname “Ferry”; and secondly the Porsche crest that features a charging black St. Bernard dog on a green field.

The company started out making race cars so they named their first car the “Porsche Type 356”. The “Type” refers to it being a racing car (i.e. not a production model) and the “356” was chosen because it was Ferdinand Porsche’s prototype number.

Since then they’ve continued using this naming system for all their new models.

For example the 911 is their most famous sports car – so-called because it was originally designed as a replacement for the 356 model.

And the Cayenne is named after the Cayenne River in Austria near where Porsche is headquartered.

So there you have it – the story behind Porsche’s unique car naming system!

Why do porsche models start with 9?

The first Porsche model the Porsche 64 was released in 1948.

The number 9 was chosen because it is the sum of 6 and 3 – both important numbers in the company’s history.

Ferdinand Porsche the company’s founder started his business as an automotive engineer at Austro-Daimler in Vienna in 1906.

And he formed his own engineering company “Dr. Ing.

h.c. F. Porsche GmbH” (Porsche AG) in Stuttgart three years later.

So 6 + 3 = 9 – and the company has retained that naming convention ever since!

What do the numbers on Porsche models mean?

Manufacturers often put special numbers and letters on their cars to designate different things.

For Porsche the number indicates the engine size.

So a “718” would have a seven-cylinder engine (the “1” means it’s the first engine size in that series) while a “911” would have a six-cylinder engine.

The letter at the end of the number usually designates either the transmission or the chassis code.

What does 992 mean for Porsche?

992 signifies the internal designation for the next-generation Porsche 911.

The original 911 (internal code “901”) was released in 1963 so each subsequent generation has been given an incremental two-digit number.

The “992” will be the first 911 to be released with a turbocharged engine as standard and is set to launch in late 2019/early 2020.