Do Porsche Wheels Fit Bmw?


It depends on the model. Many of Porsche’s wheels are designed to fit multiple models but there are a few that are specific to one or the other.

If you have a specific model in mind you can find a list of compatible wheels on the Porsche website.

Or if you’re not sure which brand your car uses you can always take it to a local mechanic or wheel specialist to get an accurate answer.

What Is Porsche Bolt Pattern?

The bolt pattern sometimes called the lug pattern is the diameter of an imaginary circle that is centered on the wheel hub and crosses through the wheel mounting holes.

Bolt patterns can be expressed in millimeters (mm) or in inches.

Porsche has a 5×130 bolt pattern.

What Is BMW Bolt Pattern?

The bolt pattern or PCD (pitch circle diameter) is the diameter of an imaginary circle that passes through the centers of the wheel lugs.

It is measured in millimeters.

The bolt pattern is also expressed as a fraction with the numerator being the number of bolt holes and the denominator being six.

So for example a 5/120 PCD would mean that there are five bolt holes on a circle with a diameter of 120mm.

Are All BMW Wheels Compatible?

Not all BMW wheels are compatible. You need to check the compatibility of the wheel with your car.

Wheels that come as standard on a car are usually designed to be as lightweight and aerodynamic as possible while still being strong enough to handle the load placed on them by the car.

This generally means that they won’t be compatible with other BMW models which may have different brake sizes or bolt patterns.

So it’s important to check that any aftermarket wheels you buy are compatible with your car before you order them.