Can You Take A Porsche Boxster Through A Carwash?


It really depends on the carwash.

A lot of them have soft-cloth rollers that might not do any damage but others use high-pressure jets of water that could definitely damage the paint job or even the mechanics of the car.

I would recommend calling ahead to ask if they’re safe for sports cars before taking your Boxster in.

Can You Take A Boxster Through A Car Wash?

The Boxster is a convertible sports car that was first manufactured by Porsche in 1996. It’s a two-seater car with a mid-engine and rear-wheel drive.

There are several things you should keep in mind if you’re considering taking your Boxster through a car wash:

First the Boxster has a low ground clearance and it might not be able to make it over the bumps and through the tunnels at some of the more advanced car washes.

Second the Boxster is a delicate car and it’s not designed to withstand being washed with high-pressure jets of water.

Finally even if your Boxster can make it through the car wash without any damage you run the risk of getting the paint job scratched or the mechanics of the car wet which could lead to expensive repairs down the road.

All things considered I would recommend avoiding taking your Boxster through a car wash and finding a hand wash instead.

If you don’t have time for that at least try to find a car wash that has soft-cloth rollers rather than high-pressure jets of water.

Can A Porsche Go Through A Car Wash?

Yes a Porsche can go through a car wash.

A car wash is designed to clean cars so it should be able to clean a Porsche.

However whether or not a Porsche can go through a particular car wash may depend on the size and height of the car wash’s entrance.

If the entrance is too small or too low then the Porsche may not be able to fit through it.

Can You Take A Porsche Convertible Through A Car Wash?

Yes you can take a Porsche convertible through a car wash.

However it’s important to be careful when doing so. Make sure that the car wash is of the automatic variety; do not take your Porsche convertible through a manual car wash.

Also be sure to check and see if the car wash has an undercarriage spray; if it does not do not use it.

Finally make sure that you use plenty of wax on your Porsche convertible before taking it through a car wash – this will help protect it from any scratches or damage that might occur.